Jerry Barnhart is an American sport shooter and firearms instructor.

Jerry Barnhart is an American sport shooter and firearms instructor with three individual silver medals from the IPSC Handgun World Shoots (1986, 1990 and 1996), and has been team member of the U.S. gold winning team six times. He is also ten times national champion with 5 US IPSC Championship titles and 5 USPSA Handgun Nationals titles, and three-time Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Champion (1998, 1991 and 1987).

I was handed a VHS tape during the early 90’s of Jerry explaining basic movements and drills within the sport of IPSC when I started to participate in the sport. It taught me a lot and laid the foundation of what I have today. I studied that VHS tape until it can’t run any more, but it kept me going. Nowadays I am not that fast anymore, but I am smoother than the rest. “Fast is smooth and smooth is fast”!

This inspiration aspire me to do what he does, and today I can teach this to my classes within my training courses with the full capacity of confidence that Jerry taught me that.

I am always more calm and the reactions on the shooting range comes with a natural instinct allowing the unconscious to take control. The other guys might beat me on the clock, but in the sport of IPSC there is a time and score factor needed to place you in the rankings. They can’t beat me on the score though…

My father always said “take notice to the old donkey, he also can still kick very hard”

Thank you Jerry.

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