Terry also owns and operates KMW Long Range Solutions and 1 Mil Right.

Terry Cross is truly one of the legends of our sport! Terry was born in East Texas and grew up in rural Louisiana and was introduced to formal rifle and pistol competitions in 1976. His desire to improve led him to begin actively competing against and learning from some of the best shooters in the U.S. and abroad. Exposure to top tier shooters and Law Enforcement professionals encouraged Terry to compete in larger National events and by 1987 he was testing himself against the best of the best.

KMW Long Range Solutions builds precision “work rifles” and their craftsmanship and attention to detail has kept the company backlogged since its inception in 1987. 1 Mil Right provides precision rifle training to shooters of all levels. Both KMW and 1 Mil Right have provided Terry with lifelong friendships and acquaintances with some of the finest people in the world. Many of those people also happen to be the most capable and gifted practitioners of this art and Terry credits them for making him a better person “in some way or another”.  Terry’s philosophy has always been to “keep an open mind and never become complacent by thinking I know it all”.

In addition to competing and building rifles, Terry\’s list of qualifications and groups he has served as an instructor for includes, but is not limited to:

  • LAW ENFORCEMENT SNIPER INSTRUCTOR Development Course certification from Kalinski Consulting & Training, Camp Robinson NGTC, AR.
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT SNIPER INSTRUCTOR certification from Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Beaumont, TX
  • Advanced Carbine and Rifle instructor for the National Guard and Reserves during Operation Enduring Freedom and Desert Storm.
  • Guest instructor for specific modules embedded in numerous City, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement Sniper Classes.
  • Assistant Instructor for Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office with over 400 Uniform Division deputies.
  • In 2003 Terry developed and proposed the 1st state wide Patrol Carbine Standards which were adopted by P.O.S.T. in 2004. 
  • In 2005 Terry was awarded the Louisiana National Guard Distinguished Civilian Service Medal for training and support of 122nd ASOS during Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • 1990, 2001 & 2008 AR15/M16 / M4 Colt Factory Certified Armorer

Some of Terry’s competitive highlights include 35 top three finishes from 2001-2012 with 1st place finishes at the 2001 North American Sniper Championship, 2002 N.T.O.A. Sniper Showdown, 2002 Badlands Long Range Tactical Sniper Competition (individual & team), 2003 Sniper Quest (individual & team), 2004 Gale McMillan Sniper Competition, 2004 Sniper’s Hide Cup (individual & team), 2004 Sniper Quest (individual & team), 2004 Sniper’s Paradise Sniper Challenge (individual & team), 2005 North American Sniper Championship (individual & team), 2005 Sniper’s Hide Cup (individual & team), 2005 Rifles Only/Sniper’s Hide 25 Hour Sniper Competition, 2006 North American Sniper Championship (individual & team), 2006 Sniper’s Hide Cup, 2006 Colorado Practical Rifle Team Challenge, 2009 Sniper’s Hide Cup, 2009 Fall Bash Rifles Only/Sniper’s Hide Competition, Long Range Alley 9/11 Memorial Sniper Competition, & the 2012 NorCal Tactical Bolt Rifle Championship (Short Line Precision Aggregate).

Terry has 100’s of other top 10 finishes in regional, national, and international rifle and pistol competitions since 1979! We are fortunate to have Terry as a part of our CORE training cadre.

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