Firearm Proficiency Training (Basic Competency) on 18 May ’24


Training fees INCLUDE manuals, ammo and firearm use.

Please keep in mind that the Firearm Competency Training has a manual for each subject. Before you attend the class, your “open book” exams must be completed in the manual with a black pen.
On arrival, you will have to hand in your manual/s for evaluation. If you pass the “open book” exam, you will complete a closed book exam.
Once you have passed your “open and closed book” exams (formative and summative exams) of the 117705 Unit Standard (Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act), you may continue with the firearm basic competency unit standard theory and practical on the specific course.
Please Note :
  1. Please allow sufficient time when booking your Firearm Competency Training to allow us to courier your handbooks to you & time to work through the manuals & complete the “open book” exams.
  2. Theory and practical training at SFC Defence Academy will only be provided to clients who purchased manuals from SFC Defence Academy. (All manuals are marked with a unique ID number allocated to SFC Defence Academy)

Legal Test, Legal Test + Handgun, Legal Test + Hunting Rifle, Legal Test + Shotgun, Legal Test + Semi-automatic Rifle, Handgun, Hunting Rifle, Shotgun, Semi-automatic Rifle, Combo (Combo on legal test + Handgun + Semi-automatic Rifle + Shotgun), Combo on all 5 subjects

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