Expired Firearm Licence Application

Don't worry; we can help you get back on track by obtaining your new licence from SAPS.

Please follow the easy steps to get the information ready in order to complete the form below to allow us to complete your motivation:

1. Personal detail:

  • Full names and surname
  • Your ID Number
  • Your residential address where the gun safe will be located
  • Your cell phone number

2. Firearm detail:

You would need complete motivation regarding the use of the firearm. The SAPS has specific criteria they are looking for in motivation before they can approve your application. Please complete the following personal details needed in the motivation:

  • Firearm serial number
  • Firearm type
  • Firearm make
  • What are you going to use it for – choose between self-defence, sport shooting or hunting
  • Your experience with firearms and related training
  • Gunsafe measurements (length x height x depth in cm)
  • Security at home
  • Do you belong to a shooting club? If so the name and details of the club and your member number
  • 3 names and cell numbers of shooting/hunting friends as references
  • List all your other firearms and what they are licensed for. (You will get the information on the licence card).

3. We will need the following images from you, to upload (in png, jpg or gif format, not larger than 5mb per photo):

  • A Photo of the current licence card or document.
  • One photo of the outside of your gun safe while closed
  • One photo of the inside of your gun safe while opened
  • One photo of the hardware fixing the gun safe to the wall or floor  This gun safe should be mounted at your residence, and nowhere else, meaning the place you call your home.
  • If you have images of yourself taking part in a related shooting activity for example hunting photos, or sport shooting events, we need this as part of the motivation (max 5 can be uploaded)
  • One photo of your competency certificate.

After completing the form below, you will be redirected to the Expired Firearm Licence Application product page from where you can pay for this service.  Once the payment has been processed, we will contact you if information is unclear.  Once the motivation has been completed I will send you a PDF copy of your complete motivation as well as the list of support documents you need to gather, to conclude your application. Please allow 7 working days for the completion of the motivation.

We will always strive for success. No one can guarantee a successful application. Too many factors and people are involved in the SAPS system. So far, we have been on the better end of having a 100% approval rate after more than x 4500+ applications done.

ONLINE Application:

Expired Firearm Licence Application Form (#16)

Personal detail:

Firearm detail:

Photo Uploads:

OFFLINE Application:

Please enter your details & our system will send the information you need to prepare OFFLINE.  Simply reply to the email with the information required and your proof of payment for the motivation writing process to start.

Expired Firearm Licence Application Offline (#15)

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