The right bullet for the right job

When selecting a bullet, it is essential to consider what you are planning to shoot. A slower and heavier bullet with a low BC (ballistic coefficient) and high SD (sectional density) is required to hunt tough-skinned animals. On the other hand, if you aim to shoot pest animals, a high BC bullet must use the velocity and meat damage factor, with a low SD, to inflict damage.

The combination of a projectile and a charge within a complete cartridge, along with the ability of the firearm system, allows for the ballistic advantage to come full circle. Each combination is a characteristic of the firearm system, and what works for one combination might not work for the next. Performance can differ even if two similar firearms are loaded with the same rounds. For instance, one firearm may shoot groupings of 1 MOA with a 165-grain projectile, while the next may shoot 1.5 MOA with the same 165-grain projectile. This is why it’s essential to know the type of bullet one uses and to be sure of the firearm system’s ability to react with that specific ammunition.