Sniper Training Cycle

Sniper Training Cycle 2024

Sniper 1
Sniper 2

The complete qualification consists out of the following 4 modules:

Module 1 - Basic Ground Reconnaissance is the starting point of the skill set. This module comprises three interrelated subjects: Basic Navigation, Advanced Navigation, and Ground Reconnaissance. It is critical to be familiar with your terrain, how to navigate the distance, where to enter and exit safely, and, above all, how to use the ground, nature, and your environment to your advantage.


Module 2 - Basic Sniper Training is the starting point for developing your basic skill set as a sniper. In this module, you will learn to improve your skills by starting at 100m and gradually increasing your range up to 1400m. You will need to acquire a thorough understanding of your rifle, ballistics, optical equipment capabilities, and how to navigate through different environments during both day and night. Additionally, you will learn how to remain hidden for extended periods of time and how to ensure a successful return with the best possible outcome.


Module 3, Close Target Reconnaissance, is a crucial skill for a Sniper team. The primary objective of this module is to collect significant information and evidence about the target without getting detected. To achieve this objective, a Sniper team needs to possess above-average capabilities to avoid getting caught. This module is conducted in pairs to emphasize the importance of teamwork and group collaboration.


Module 4 - Advanced Sniper Training is the final stage of the complete skill training for a team of two members. It focuses on teamwork, with each member having a specific responsibility and mastering their skills. This module is the last available training for advanced sniper techniques.

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