SFC TacticalSOC Survival Training (Pty) Ltd was founded by JJ Maré (RIP) and Nico van der Merwe. In 2007, the company provided Bush Survival training to children aged 13 and older.

The courses included skills such as firearm orientation and leadership. Eventually, the training expanded to include adventure training during school holidays and weekends. "Soldier of Christ" (SOC) was the brainchild of two ex-military soldiers who wanted to give back their talents.

In 2017, Nico van der Merwe founded SFC Tactical Solutions cc. "Soldier For Christ" was created to continue the concept, allowing Nico to operate independently in the Southern, Western, and Eastern Cape areas. The focus was on providing firearms competency training and tactical courses, emphasizing the use of handguns, semi-auto rifles, shotguns, and Long-Range Precision Rifle training. The aim was to conquer talents by combating evil and to expand into the international arena. The main aim was and still is, to train farmers in defending themselves against the attacking terror currently known in South Africa.

We receive strong support from around the world as leaders in the international training industry. This allows us to share in-depth knowledge, expertise, and new technological techniques and equipment not yet known to the local market.
The instructors at SFC Defence Academy are highly trained and qualified in various special military functions. They are passionate about teaching valuable skills and promoting a peaceful way of living, guided by our God, the Almighty Commander of Heaven and Earth. It is our privilege to apply our knowledge to build a secure environment for all law-abiding citizens, based on the principles of the Gospel.

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